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An Augmented Reality Contest

An Augmented Reality Contest

A few weeks back now I thought of a cool idea to use Augmented Reality to create a type of scavenger hunt through a supermarket, where the person starts with one product, scans it with a AR app, watches the short video with a clue to the next product. Why?! Why not, an experiment in human exploration and curiosity.

It would also be a cool way to test the creation of an online seek-and-find game, while making money through Augmented Reality Marketing.

So in my research of Products I found a video about Hi-C – and it was so cool. That is the video above I hope you enjoyed it. This is also a great example of the type of videos I would embed within the AR products to guide the user to the next clue. Ok, on to the history…

Well How Does It Work Exactly?

Over the last 5 years or so, Augmented Reality has been slowing gaining ground and a slew of mobile apps have been created in various ways, on top of that many of the top social platforms have added the functionality of creating custom Augmented Reality “Skins” via Facial and “Full Body” recognition. Snapchat and Instagram/Facebook are the heavy hitters with smaller artistic type companies coming out to embellish painting and drawings via the use of Augmented Tech.  I think the tech first came on the scene with Pokemon Go, where you can use GPS and your phone to find and capture Pokemons.

Amazing Technology that is just getting better.

What I described above is just the tip of the iceberg, for corporations the application extend far beyond what the typical social blogger or social media guru can put together.  These technologies aid in car manufacturing, medical diagnose, and even huge product marketing tools.  That said, it hasn’t made it mainstream.

So back to the Augmented Reality Game I was talking about.  While I was at the supermarket I just started snapping pictures of random products that I enjoy and some that i thought would be particularly difficult to find as part of the fun of the hunt.  I snapped probably over 50 images of random products.

The next step what finding a platform in which i could use those images as source images, that would be used as the “Canvas” of the video I’d embed while the person had their phone locked on the target image.

The thoughts of hundreds of people running around supermarkets with their phones scanning products on shelves and the passersby wondering what the heck was going on.  I would love to be in a supermarket with this going on, the hustle and frustration, the competition and in some aspects team work.

I’m planning a DEMO of this content sometime in December with maybe about 10 products, the issue is that many of the platforms are not free to use and to upload video and create individual sourced Augmented products is limited or costly.

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